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HOW TO Guide for EZCam

Install a speed camera database from SDCard
Download a database
Configure EZCam

Install a speed camera database from SDCARD

1. Press your menu button
2. Press "Settings"
3. Press "Databases"
4. Press Add - then choose the directory and file on your SDCard.
5. Press OK when 4 has been chosen
6. Choose the type of file.  This will either be a single file containing all camera locations.  Or, it could be one file of multiple files with separated camera speeds and types.  If it is the latter, you will need to specify the type of camera and speed contained within the file.
7. Press Ok when finished with 6.
8. Repeat from 4 until all the required database files have been added.
9. Press Ok when done.
10. EZCam will now load the database and will continue to do so every time you start EZCam

Download a database

You may directly download through EZCam any of the 3 supported vendors databases.  These are currently: (Free), PocketGPSWorld (Subscription required), MapaRadar - South America (Free).

1. Press your menu button
2. Press "Get Database"
3. Choose one of the 3 vendors above
4. Some extra information may be required.  Eg: for PocketGPSWorld, you will need to supply your existing account information and the country to download.
5. Press Download.

PocketGPSWorld also has the option of auto-updating the database at startup.

Configure EZCam

The image shows the function of all the buttons on EZCam: